Check in & out


The purpose of check in & out is to create and encapsulate a trusting and creative room where the participants become close to one another and create community.

When and where to use

Check in and out every time you meet. Whether it is a process that runs over multiple days or a few hours, it is important to create this shared room together.


A sports club has gone on a development weekend where there has also been scheduled breaks to play ball. Every time the participants meet to develop together, they check in and out to indicate the development room.

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Step by step
  1. There are many ways to Check in or out. Often the group stands in a circle and do an icebreaker or answers a series of questions e.g., about expectations, feelings in the moment, or experiences

  2. At check out, you also end with a shared game, evaluation, recap, or something similar. You can possibly use methods such as CO-KNOW


Next step

The process is continued or concluded

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