The Wall of Knowledge


The purpose of the Wall of Knowledge is to create a dynamic and visual overview of the knowledge that is collected, created, and developed in the process.

When and where to use

The Wall of Knowledge is an analogue tool used for documentation. It supports the participants’ knowledge process and creates a visible and shared overview throughout the entire process.


A group of students use the Wall of Knowledge as their shared documentation tool. It enables them to collect, evaluate, present, and ask questions of wonder and curiosity.


NB! We have a version that is targeted the 3-5 year-olds, which you can find in Supplementary Material.

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Step by step
  1. The participants use the template for the Wall of Knowledge or find a wall, a door, or a large piece of blank paper, a blackboard, or something similar. It is important that the Wall of Knowledge is visible and easy to access. Optionally, you could divide the Wall of Knowledge into the 3 phases – exploring, idea developing and creating.


  1. The participants use the Wall of Knowledge by displaying their knowledge, discoveries, sketches, and pictures on it. It is important for the co-creation that all the participants use the Wall of Knowledge on equal terms to ensure that all participants will feel ownership of it.


  1. The Wall of Knowledge will quickly be filled with material, and the participants will on multiple occasions need to “tidy up” the wall. This is a part of creating a flow in the process. If something is removed from the Wall of Knowledge it is a good idea to save it, as it may be used later in the process.


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