The purpose of SCREENPLAY is to define the purpose and together plan the process through selected methods that support co-creation with children.

When and where to use

SCREENPLAY is a planning tool that is used in the planning phase, but it is editable throughout the entire process. The method supports and maintains the focus on the purpose and process.


A group of young and older citizens has agreed to develop a shared community centre. Before the process starts, the group meets and plans the content of the process.

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Step by step
  1. The participants discuss and together agree on the overall purpose of the process – this is written in the template. This purpose controls what methods the participants choose to work with

  2. In unison, the screenplay is filled in. Hereafter, it functions as a support for the process. It can be a good idea to hang the methods on the template, so they are actively put into play. It also underlines the iterative process where the participants often will have to go back in the process

  3. The participants discuss roles, prerequisites, and frameworks in connection with the planning and note special roles or tasks in the screenplay. Here, it is important that the participants acknowledge and include each other’s perspectives


Next step

Start the process by possibly using the method NEED FOR KNOWLEDGE

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