The purpose is to formulate and communicate a co-created idea, concept, or another important insight to create a shared understanding in the group and with others.

When and where to use

PITCH is THE WALL OF KNOWLEDGE’s linguistic counterpart. A pitch is a quick sales speech or status collection where the focus is on selling or presenting one’s idea or material. It is a short and precise presentation.


A group of children has for some time worked with water collection solutions. They have reached a point where they need to test their idea on others to be able to include more perspectives. Therefore, they pitch their idea to Technical Administration.

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Step by step
  1. In the preparation, the participants gather the arguments and phrasings that have played a big part in the shared discussions so that the pitch’s argumentation is properly supported by their shared knowledge, insights, and discussions which are documented on the wall of knowledge. You could choose to follow the template for PITCH

  2. The participants discuss how their different prerequisites can be used positively in a presentation. The participants can use CO-ROLE as a positioning tool for trying different roles and positions in their dialogue

  3. The pitch is divided between the participants in such a way that everyone is active during the presentation

  4. The participants pitch their idea


Next step

Use a feedback method, such as 2 GOOD AND A WONDER for qualifying and continuing the process.

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