The purpose of CO-KNOW is to create a shared room where the participants include their different perspectives, expectations, or knowledge about a given subject or focus.

When and where to use

CO-KNOW is used when focus must be directed towards a shared case. In co-creation, the shared case is essential as it creates motivation and focuses on the necessity of everyone’s contribution and equal opportunities for participation. CO-KNOW is often used at the beginning of a process or as an end to a process.


A group of scouts are beginning a longer and different process where the theme is development. CO-KNOW is used to focus on the theme and their expectations for the process.

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Step by step
  1. All the participants stand in a circle in the middle of the room

  2. The facilitator asks different questions. It can be questions about knowledge for the day’s programme, expectations for the day, the course, or how the method/CO-KNOW work for the participants. Make it clear that there are no expectations for a certain answer but that it is important that the different perspectives come forward

  3. Every participant answers the questions by moving in and out of the circle. A negative answer is shown by stepping backwards out of the circle. To answer in the affirmative, you step into the circle. By doing this, everyone can see each other’s answers to the questions asked and thereby, get a sense of the different participants’ perspectives

  4. It is a good idea to ask different questions so that everyone gets to move around a little and it often works well to end off with a question where all the participants answer affirmatively and stand close together in the circle. E.g., “How many feel like having cake during the break?”. It creates community and motivation


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