Need for Knowledge


The purpose is that the participants together open an issue, theme, or subject, and create an overview, and a dynamic tool for their shared need for knowledge.

When and where to use

The method supports the entire process because it is necessary to seek knowledge throughout the entire process. The method helps the participants structure their knowledge gathering and the growing need to create an overview of the field of knowledge.


A group in 6th grade is working with plastic in the ocean. Before the students’ immersion into the subject, the NEED FOR KNOWLEDGE is done to create an overview of the knowledge the group needs.

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Step by step
  1. The participants work with the template for NEED FOR KNOWLEDGE

  2. The participants start by individually writing 2-3 post-its to each field. These are placed in the areas. It is an advantage to work through one row at a time. E.g., start with the item: the challenge
  3. When the participants have all filled out their post-its, the group makes a prioritisation of what should be done first and who needs to do what. Set aside enough time for this part, as it is here the participants discuss strengths, knowledge, and methods

  4. All the participants’ inputs must be included in the discussions. Be explorative in how the participants can put each other’s strengths into play in the knowledge gatherings. It can be a good idea to articulate that there can easily arise one or more needs for knowledge throughout the process which must be worked into the model


Next step

Visualise agreements and methods for the knowledge gathering in the method SCREENPLAY

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