Temporary urban spaces

The former trotting track in the Capital of Children is being developed into a sustainable urban district as a contribution to the development of Billund as the Capital of Children. Here, play, learning and creativity are keywords for everything that happens.

Children help to create temporary activities that can eventually become permanent at the Playline located in Travbyen.

The Look-out Tower

In the beginning, it should have just been a pavilion, but the children had different thoughts. In the end, a tower was built. The tower is called 'The Look-out Tower' and was created by pupils from 4th class at Filskov School together with CoC Playful Minds and Landscape Architect Martin Hedevang.

The Obstacle Course

On 1st July, the mega-fun obstacle course was opened. It is so cool that it is already used extensively. It is a fun and marked-out movement path, that was co-created with 4th class from The Billund School. So take your best playmate and let your inner Tarzan loose together

Urban Gardens

There will not only be space to play and an active outdoors life at Travbyen. There will also be planting and seed-sowing in some of the areas, and children from the International School of Billund (ISB) have already got green fingers.

Cozy Campfires

The Scouts in Billund have got out their paint brushes in the last year in 2022. They have painted the posts and boards black - and also maybe themselves a little. The paint is dry, and the weather has been good, so that the shelters can already be built, and that is super cosy!