Co-creation with children

In CoC Playful Minds, we believe that co-creation is the foundation for children to become creative world citizens. Co-creation with children is a new way of understanding involvement of children.

Children are not just involved in the processes and affairs that concern them. Children are active in creating conditions, opportunities, activities and new solutions, as well as taking initiatives that brings meaning to the interaction with other children and adults. 

Co-creating with children is a practice, method and ideology where children equally create something together with other people. Co-creation puts the matter and the process at the center of incorporating different perspectives on a common cause. In co-creation, adults have the ethical responsibility for the well-being of children and the creation of a framework that enables children's right of initiative, active participation and meaningful involvement.

Co-creation Academy - focus on children

Facilitating co-creation with children is not only about creating great childhood conditions, communities, and learning environments, but also about creating and changing our world together. For something better - locally, nationally, and globally. 

Co-creation with children gives a completely different level of knowledge because children's perspectives and ways of understanding the world provide completely new opportunities for creatively creating better and more sustainable products, services, solutions, experiences, and cultural communities.