We are CoC Playful Minds

A playful approach to life

We believe that the desire to explore is fuel for creativity. We believe that having fun is healthier than being angry. And we believe that adults can learn just as much or more from children than children can learn from adults. Especially when it comes to new thinking.

We believe so much in the playful approach to life that we have built an entire development organization based on that belief. CoC Playful Minds.

CoC stands for Capital of Children, which is the vision to make Billund the Capital of Children - not just in Denmark, but for the entire world.

The key word in CoC Playful Minds is co-creation. To create new learning procedures together with children and to create a city for children together with children. And co-creation demands more from the adults than it does from the children. It necessitates the courage to believe that children are important, worthy and creative world citizens.

If the future isn’t formed by those who will live in it, then who?

CoC Playful Minds will together with Billund’s children and experts from around the world investigate and explore what exactly a playful approach to life can mean. Not just for Billund’s companies, educational system and city planning.
But for the world.