The sound of Co-creation

Soon it will be autumn 2023, and the sounds of Billund will come to life. The Capital of Children will have its very own podwalk that will take you on an engaging, playful, and existing journey through the city of Billund.

This podwalk is a collaborative storytelling experience about co-created urban spaces. It goes beyond being a mere guided tour. It brings each location to life, revealing their unique stories as part of the larger story of the Capital of Children. At CoC Playful Minds, we aim to include the physical voices of children even more, which is why we are passing on the microphone and listening to their stories.

Prepare to discover The Capital of Children in a whole new way and join us on an exciting journey through Billund, where new and captivating stories await at every street corner. Get ready for autumn, where you can bring your friends and family along for an unforgettable experience in through the streets of Billund. Let the sounds be your guide, and let the creative power and imagination of children lead you on a marvelous journey through Billund.