The purpose of CO-TELL is that an idea, a subject, an issue, or an evaluation is treated by everyone in the group to ensure that everyone’s perspectives on the shared case are included and thus get closer to the core and shared understanding.

When and where to use

CO-TELL is used when the participants together must reach the core of an issue, or when they need to ask clarifying questions about a subject, an evaluation etc.


A group has been working with a specific idea. Now, they need each other’s perspectives on the idea to create a shared understanding of what the core of the idea is.

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Step by step
  1. Everyone prepares a question or dilemma concerning what they are working with – a subject or an issue. The question/dilemma is written down, so it is remembered

  2. Decide on a succession e.g., the one with the longest hair gets to start and so on

  3. The one chosen asks his/her question or dilemma to the group, who one by one answers the question. It is crucial that no one in the group uses the same answer to the same question, which means that the last participants are forced to get closer to the core

  4. Afterwards, the next in line asks their question, that is also answered by everyone

  5. Together you collect new understandings and new knowledge by asking, “What do you know now, that you did not know before?”


Next step

The new knowledge is added to THE WALL OF KNOWLEDGE

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