2 Good and a Wonder


The purpose of 2 GOOD AND A WONDER is to acknowledge, give feedback, and include different perspectives on a shared case.

When and where to use

The method can be used whenever the participants need feedback on a case. It is useful for quickly including many people’s perspectives on a matter. The method mainly focuses on finding potentials and thereby, on acknowledging and seeing possibilities.


A class has heard a presentation from a group. Now, they need to express their opinions on the matter. They give 2 positive feedback and a wonder that the group can continue working with.

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Step by step
  1. The participants write 2 good things about what they have seen or heard on a post-it. One piece of information on each post-it. E.g., “I liked that...”

  2. Afterwards, the participants note something they wonder about e.g., “Have you thought about?” or “Maybe you could try doing it this way?”

  3. Hereafter, the participants hand their post-it’s as small gifts to whomever held the presentation/PITCH. The group who has received feedback can use it for further processing

  4. Evaluate whether the participants should elaborate their feedback when they hand it over or the feedback should be handed over silently


Next step

The new insights and understandings are brought along in the process by e.g., putting it up on the WALL OF KNOWLEDGE – see the method card WALL OF KNOWLEDGE

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