torsdag den 09. december 2021 kl. 9.30 - 14.30

Social digital leg – Playful Hub Network meeting

Once you were a child (that’s for sure) and you made friends – and enemies – on the playground, at the sport club, at the dance club, in the classroom, etc. You may have watched some television with your family and played some videogames at the local grill, but most of your social development was face to face with others and not in front of screens. Now, decades later, you’re a developer of products or services to children - and you may also be a parent - and you’re puzzled by the fact, that the social development of children of today takes place also in a digital realm. Playgrounds are now built in virtual online worlds, gaming has now become a professional sport, dancing takes place in front of a web cam, concerts are performed online, and children are sent home from schools during lock downs. You’re watching children sitting alone in front of screens and wonder how they can develop as social human beings without the physical presence of others.

Calm yourself at the next network meeting in the Playful Hub in Billund on the topic of social digital play, where we will discuss how play can manifest itself online and how you can create and facilitate an online space for play. We will touch upon the relation between digital play and the development of social and emotional competencies of children.

We have invited CEO and Co-Founder from Peppy Pals, Paulina Olsson, and Creative Director from MovieStarPlanet, Bjarke Brint to share their knowledge and experience with creating online universes for children and how digital play can develop children’s emotional and social learning.

Be prepared for a new network concept, where we spend more time reflecting on your challenges. Everybody gets a chance to raise their challenges and we’ll vote on the specific set of challenges to be addressed in working groups. We’re all experts in different domains, and we can help each other with new perspectives. Best case you’ll get a temporary “one hour staff” for your company. Even better case you get to help someone in your network.

After the networking meeting, if you’re not in a hurry to buy the last Christmas presents, you’re welcome to stay for some “æbleskiver & gløgg” and continue the discussions with old friends and new playmates.

Please note: This network meeting will be in English!

  • Time: Thursday the 9th of December from 9.30 to 14.30 followed by “æbleskiver & gløgg”
  • Place: CoC Living Lab, Kløvermarken 35, 7190 Billund
  • Sign up: Latest 6nd of December 2021

About the speakers

CEO and co-founder Paulina Olsson from Peppy Pals. Peppy Pals is series of award-winning, research-based games, books, movies and activities designed to teach children 2-8 years old about social and emotional intelligence through play. By combining storytelling and humor with engaging characters, Peppy Pals has built a playful universe for children where hearts grow smart. Their vision is to spark kindness and compassion in every child. In 2016 Peppy Pals was named as one of the world’s most successful social entrepreneurship companies by Ashoka and UBS Social Innovators.

Paulina herself is a young and ambitious entrepreneur. Only at the age of 22 Paulina was named Swedens’s Top 10 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs and a few years later she was awarded by the King of Sweden for her work at Peppy Pals. Paulina will share with us the background of how and why Peppy Pals was founded and how Peppy Pals works with children’s social and emotional learning through digital play.

Creative Director Bjarke Brint from MovieStarPlanet.  Since launch in Denmark in 2009, MovieStarPlanet ApS has experienced explosive growth. Their games are live in 16 countries across 11 European markets as well as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Globally they rank among the most popular virtual worlds for the target group with more than 400 million registered profiles. The vision is to provide the world’s most inspiring network for kids by delivering safe digital entertainment for fun, creativity and sharing. And as stated on their website:  “We believe in technology to make friends, play and come together in creativity”. We know Bjarke and MovieStarPlanet very well since they participated in the half year Play User Lab program where they developed a new concept together with local children from Billund. Bjarke is educated graphic designer from Kunstakademiets Designskole and Danmarks Designskole and has worked as educator, art director and graphic designer before he came to MovieStarPlaet where he has been 8 years. Bjarke will talk about how they facilitate play and friendships in their online universe.

  • Tidspunkt: torsdag den 09. december 2021 kl. 9.30 - 14.30
  • Sted: CoC Living Lab, Kløvermarken 35, 7190 Billund
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