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Børn som skabende verdensborgere

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That children are creative world citizens is both concrete and abstract. Therefore, in collaboration with Aalborg University, we have investigated how we can understand children's theoretical and scientific basis as creative world citizens.

The result is this fourth research journal, which creates a knowledge foundation with a philosophical and ethical framework for understanding children as creative world citizens. It takes us around in different sciences and concrete contexts, where the focus is on cultural encounters, insights, visions, and not least on the importance of education, competencies, or capability in general as human beings and specifically in pedagogical fields of practice when it comes to children.

Therefore, we are also presented with concrete practice examples of how the creative world citizenship unfolds with and around children. Knowledge must be applied. We are therefore pleased to share this research journal with anyone interested in promoting children's active participation and their perspectives in our more or less connected communities. The importance of children as creative world citizens is concrete and has value in both a local and global perspective.


NB! This journal is only available in Danish


Part of the vision for the Capital of Children - is that children are creative world citizens. This means that children are equal to adults, that they live in a complex world with rights and duties, responsibilities and opportunities, that they are co-creators of - and have the right to be co-creators of - their lives, and that they orient to their surroundings. This very preliminary description of children as world citizens opens up several questions:

  • What is a world citizen? What does world citizenship mean?
  • How are the creation and world citizenship connected?
  • What is a creative world citizen?
  • How is it related to children?
  • Does it take anything to become and be a world citizen - and if so, what?

This overall statement and the related research questions are the focus of this research report, which aims to enable CoC Playful Minds to work knowledge-based with an approach to the vision that children as equal partners (or actors) contribute value - in other ways than adults - to a great life and our common society.