Through play, we build trust in each other

Whether you are a child or an adult, it can sometimes be difficult to throw yourself into new things. Here, play provides a safe space to dare to explore the unknown, get to know each other better and thus create the foundation for greater trust in each other. Karin Møller Villumsen, Knowledge Manager at CoC Playful Minds. 

- In this type of play we try our way. And it is important in creative processes with others, where we dare to meet different people and enter into relationships with them. We understand ourselves through others, which is why it is important to recognize and dare to get along. Together we can do more than we can alone, she says.

The doctor's clumsiness provides opportunity to have fun and laugh together. It loosens up the relationship and increases trust in each other. In this way you get a good basis for great experiences together.

- Children get prepared to move around unknown land, dare to experiment and find solutions that they themselves can come up with, says Karin Møller Villumsen.

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