ALL children have the right to be heard


and all children have a voice!

For Kids Take Over, children from all over the world took over director positions. In Billund, six children took over the mayor post in Billund Municipality, the editorial chair at Billund Ugeavis, and the director post at CoC Playful Minds.

CoC Playful Minds and Billund Municipality is working to fulfill the vision of the Capital of Children, where children are creative world citizens and learn through play. Every day we work with children and young people’s development of their world citizenship. In collaboration with children, young people, and adults, Billund is developing into a great place for children and the world.

Two projects came together - Know your rights!

At CoC Playful Minds, Billund citizens and the directors Ridhima Rastogi 12 years old, and Michiqa Ibsen 12 years old, was presented to three projects - of which they had to choose one they wanted to work with. This year, the three projects were: the Play Zone, the Children's Rights Campaign, and the Children's conference.

Ridhima and Michiqa first wanted to work on two different projects, but agreed that they could combine the Child Rights campaign and Play Zone into one project. The result is: Know Your Rights!

The Children directors will create a publicity campaign on children's rights on social media, and through an exhibition at CoC Playful Minds. The idea is that guests can be informed and get more knowledge of the Children's Convention and children's rights. The purpose of the campaign is for everyone and especially children to know their rights, what they are capable of, and what they must do.

"It was a nice and wonderful experience full of fun and knowledge, both yesterday and today. I am looking forward to taking the project further, knowing what will happen next." - Ridhima Rastogi, 12 years.

6 steps for realization

The two directors have been through a well-known process

  1. Choose a project
  2. Idea development and delimitation
  3. Presentation to the Board of Directors
  4. Idea and concept development
  5. Production
  6. Presentation

Ridhima and Michiqa are project owners, and the Children Advisory Board will manage the project. Sara Bæklund Daugaard and Mikkel Jønck Schmidt from CoC Playful Minds are the children's advisers in the process. The result of the children's work can be experienced during the spring of 2020.

Since November 2019, Ridhima and Michiqa have been working with their friends on the "Know Your Rights!" Child Rights Campaign. 
The result is a rightscotch which is something for both the Play Zone and a children's rights campaign.

The rightscotch will be available in a larger version around Billund Municipality so that children and adults can learn about children's rights.

The list of reciepents of the rightscotch

  • Billund Kommunes rådhus
  • Lisbeth Østergaard, Dagtilbud
  • BillundSkolen
  • ISB
  • Grindsted Privatskole
  • Hejnsvig skole
  • Vorbasse skole
  • Sdr. Omme skole
  • Vestre skole
  • Ungehuset
  • Billund centeret
  • Magion
  • Gaarden
  • Red Barnet

At the Mayors Office and Billund Ugeavis

In Billund, Audrey Tan and Shubh Rastogi took over the Mayor job for a day. They chose to work with the Billund Vision and language learning. Shubh wants more education in the Danish language for Billund's international children. Audrey described the experience as amazing because children is listened to.

Bertil T. Emanuelsen and Mille Søgaard took over the editor seats at Billund Ugeavis. The young journalists interviewed Ridhima, Michiqa, Audrey, and Shubh and subsequently wrote an article about the children's experience of being mayors and directors for a day. 

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