Wednesday the 09. June 2021 at 16.30-18.30

Klogere Sammen: GANG I KUNSTEN

Discovery and play in Skulpturpark Billund


In October, the Children's Capital will receive a huge 10-year birthday present: a total work created by the internationally renowned artist group SUPERFLEX. In the centre of the city, it will create a completely different space, where you meet across age and play and move together.


This will not stand alone. Billund is already full of art in the urban space! Therefore, we invite you to a journey of discovery in Skulpturpark Billund, where together we become wiser about what art in the urban space means. And we are certainly not just going to look. At GANG I KUNSTEN, we will play, experience and move, and the event is for all ages.


If you are curious about the art that surrounds you in the urban space in Billund, then come and get wiser with us in the sculpture park.


The event has been developed in collaboration with Skulpturpark Billund's board. Please be aware that the event is in Danish

  • Time: Wednesday the 09. June 2021 at 16.30-18.30
  • Place: Begins at Byens Plads (at the exhibition container)
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