When we work together

Collaboration is a way to co-create with your child. Here everyone contributes with what they can - regardless of age - and it all merges into something that is better than if one person had done it themselves. Co-creation is about everyone feeling they are contributing and being an active part of the process. Karin Møller Villumsen, Knowledge Manager at CoC Playful Minds.

- In the cross-bowling game you have to work together as a team to win over the others. It requires making a plan and trying to read the others' next steps, their body language, and spotting opportunities for their own team.

Good cooperation requires you to be dependent on your teammates:

- Everyone on the team must agree by listening, researching and testing opportunities. Maybe you need to develop a set of rules for the game together and agree who does what in the game and what the next step is. By playing together as a team, you practice in collaboration, no matter what skills and experience you each have. The most important thing is that you learn together, says Karin Møller Villumsen.

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