When children and adults become equal

Most of the time it is the parents who decide at home - and that is of course, with good reason. But sometimes, the usual roles of the family have to be broken. Play is a great way to create more equality between children and adults. Karin Møller Villumsen, Knowledge Manager at CoC Playful Minds.

- In the play, children and adults can feel equal. Of course, the adults are responsible for ensuring the framework and the ethical responsibility for making the play safe for the child. But at the same time, the adult must give room for the child to participate equally in the play. It requires looking at the child as someone who has something fun and new to offer, she says.

In this type of play, you have to make up a story about a wild robber. To do poetry toghether is a great way to erase the everyday roles of children and adults. In the storytelling we move into the world of fantasy, where everything is possible, Karin Møller Villumsen explains.

- When we use our imagination, we turn things around and have the opportunity to be completely different. We can forget about our normal roles and create equality in the play. We throw ourselves into the new play and dare something from ourselves. We feel that our community is strengthened and the children feel that they have something valuable to offer.

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