Tuesday the 24. August 2021 at 13.00-17.00

Co-creation with, between and around children - Practice experiences

It is our pleasure to finally be able to invite you to the first network meeting for former participants of the Facilitator Academy in co-creation with children. Finally we are able to see each other again - and for some of us, its the first time in real life 😊 The program has multiple agendas: 1) networking. 2) sharing experiences about co-creation with children. 3) throwing ourselves across the facilitator's different positions in co-creation with children. How do we facilitate co-creation with, between, and around children

Co-creation with children: When adults and children co-create
Co-creation between children: When children co-create with each other
Co-creation around children: When adults eg teachers, educators, parents, administrations and many more who all work around the children co-create and involve the children and their perspectives.

Many co-creation processes with children, includes all three positions at different times in the process. At this network meeting, we will co-create and develop practice stories about co-creation with, between, and around children - and we will of course have hands-on the co-creation methods.

I (Sara) look forward to sharing knowledge with you.


NOTE: Physical participation requires a valid Coronapas

On your arrival, you will receive our internal COVID-19 guidelines, designed to protect both guests and staff. The most important thing is that guests must stay in hall 2 (where we establish the tenant) and thus use the tea kitchen and toilet facilities in hall 2.

  • Time: Tuesday the 24. August 2021 at 13.00-17.00
  • Place: CoC Living Lab, Kløvermarken 35, 7190 Billund
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