Dialogues about change

Dialogues about change - management and employees

It is often the case that managers or employees, return to the organization after a competency boost with new inspiration, but rarely the organization is doing something to implement the new competencies in practise.
This is why CoC Playful Minds has developed Dialogues about change - management and employees. We have done this to give participants in the facilitator education - a better opportunity to develop and anchor co-creation with children in the organization's practice during and after the course of the education.

When you want to create a change in practice, it is crucial that management and employees work closely together and have a common vision.

It is important to agree on what it is that you want to change, and clearly get it communicated to the organization, so that 1) there are more people working with the change, and 2) there is an opportunity to influence the change and hence ownership. At the same time, it is important to show the way by being exemplary, and create real opportunities for change, as well as clarify where the change can take place. This development paper will help you along the way.

The change dialogues are inspired by David Cooperrider's theory of change and follow a process from situation analysis to implementation and evaluation.

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