Inspiration and tools for your everyday

In the toolbox you will find a number of tools in the form of methods, print your own templates and tools for creating. Our Toolbox contains a collection of the tools, templates and DIY materials we continuously develop in CoC Playful Minds.

Here you can explore the tools we develop on the basis of the knowledge we build and the practice we live in on a daily basis. The tools are a free offer and can be downloaded below.

We continuously develop materials and tools designed to optimize co-creation processes with children. Follow this page or sign up to our newsletter to receive news on upcoming releases.

Tools 8-100 years

Methods from 8 years and up 

Tools 3-100 year

Methods from three years and up

+ 15 Tools

15 extra methods 

Philosophical Dialogues

UN's Global Goals

Reflections with children

Fish and raspberry slices

Creative World Citizens

Play your way to a World Citizenship

Reflections with children

Me, us and our world

Philosophical Dialogues

UN Convention of the Rights of the Child

Play, energizers and icebreakers

Playful methods for co-creation

Pick A Card

Picturecards for co-creation

Reflections with children

Rafts and substainable goals

Dialogues about change

Management and employees

Reflections with children

Childrens voices and rights

Childrens perspectives

Visual poster with overview of methods

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