Sans Billund

An activity book based on the artwork Sans Billund. Draw, cut out and play with the figures

Kasbirs adventurous journey

A children's book created by local children in the municipality of Billund

Tools 8-100 years

Methods from 8 years and up 

Tools 3-100 year

Methods from three years and up

+ 15 Tools

15 extra methods 

Reflections with children

Cucumbers and inventions

Philosophical Dialogues

UN's Global Goals

Reflections with children

Fish and raspberry slices

Creative World Citizens

Play your way to a World Citizenship

Reflections with children

Me, us and our world

Philosophical Dialogues

UN Convention of the Rights of the Child

Play, energizers and icebreakers

Playful methods for co-creation

Pick A Card

Picturecards for co-creation

Reflections with children

Rafts and substainable goals

Dialogues about change

Management and employees

Reflections with children

Childrens voices and rights

Childrens perspectives

Visual poster with overview of methods