Knowledge sharing



Co-creation in practice through Billund Builds

A total of 4,000 children participated in the Billund Builds learning project. The focus is on co-creation between children and adults, where children are active in researching, developing ideas, and creating.

Garbage in a new perspective

In 2022, in Denmark, we must recycle 50 percent of our waste. It requires both practical and behavioral changes, which is why the country's municipalities and supplies are working on high pressure to find solutions.

Co-creation Awards 2019

The Co-creation Awards have been handed out for the second year in a row. The awards is a tribute to young people, companies and educators in Billund Municipality, which supports the vision of the Capital of Children with co-created approaches and initiatives.

Children as Creative World Citizens

FIRST LEGO League aims to inspire children and young people to become tomorrow's engineers, researchers and problem solvers. Through FIRST LEGO League, children and young people learn to solve challenges within a socially relevant theme.

Kids Take Over 2020

Reimagine the world after COVID-19 

In connection with Kids Take Over 2020, we collaborated with UNICEF on their campaign leading up to Children's Day.

Kids Take Over 2019

Kids Take Over is a world wide initiative, where children from all over the world take over director positions. In Billund, six children took over the Mayors post in Billund Municipality, the editorial chair at Billund Ugeavis, and the directors post at CoC Playful Minds.

Skatepark to Billund

CoC Playful Minds helps children, young people, and adults who want to create services, activities, experiences, and other things for children.

Max Veise, Basile Knapp, and Adrien Albouy have been given help and advice on how to create a skate park in Billund.

Creative and critical thinking children as co-creators

In the recently concluded Our World Academy, the children focused on the UN's 17 world goals and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Each workshop consisted of legs, philosophical dialogue, action-oriented actions, and collaboration with relevant professionals.