Evaluation is a cornerstone

Evaluation is one of the most important cornerstones in our foundation of knowledge. In all our projects, we work to collect relevant data and a number of insights from the projects, which we later translate into evaluation and knowledge.

We publish our evaluation in various formats:

Evaluation Reports
Evaluation reports from various projects.

Data Reports
Data reports from various projects.

practice Stories
Practice stories from various projects

Evaluation Report 2020

Dive into the evaluation from Billund Build's Creating World Citizens

Practice story #1

Practice story #2

Daycare children is playing to get clever

Practice story #3

When aha experiences and frustrations go hand-in-hand

Practice story #4

Children get ideas and work together in Vorbasse

Practice story #5

Framework provides space for the children in Sdr. Omme

Practice story #6

Adults follow children's initiatives and perspectives in daycare

Practice story #7

Children's perspectives from the wall of knowledge

Practice story #8

Co-creation teaches children to work together

Evaluation Reports 2019

Read and download our Evaluation Reports - Billund Builds 2019

Data Reports 2019

Read and download our Data Reports - Billund Builds 2019

The GLK Model

See how a school class has evaluated Billund Builds with the GLK model. 

Billund Builds - Poster

Evaluation poster from Billund Builds

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