Academy of Co-creation

Children in focus

Learn to facilitate co-creation with children

CoC Playful Minds now offers an academy in facilitating ethical co-creation with children. The Academy of Co-creation - Children in focus is a basic introduction to co-creation with children, where you through theory, methods and practice gain the skills to change your practice and add completely new dimensions to your professional role. We teach in and with co-creation - and thus for the development of a new practice for and with you.

Content at the Academy of Co-creation:

  • Knowledge foundation about ethical co-creation with children
  • Competencies for facilitation and ethical awareness in co-creation with children
  • Knowledge of and testing methods for co-creation with children in your own practice
  • Log on learning and change processes coupled with reflection on anchoring in one's own practice


A co-creative Academy

Facilitating co-creation with children is not only about creating great childhood conditions, communities, and learning environments, but also about creating and changing our world together. For something better - locally, nationally, and globally. 

Co-creation with children gives a completely different level of knowledge because children's perspectives and ways of understanding the world provide completely new opportunities for creatively creating better and more sustainable products, services, solutions, experiences, and cultural communities. 

It applies to companies, the pedagogical practice, architects, associations, and the entire cultural industry that developing and creating with children provides a more nuanced and mutual learning with new perspectives on the local environment, values, relationships, solutions, and products of all types. 

Co-creation with children starts with a very special view of children that permeates the approach and ethics that lie in facilitating such a process. It requires skilled, reflexive facilitation to be able to juggle different forms of participation and positions, where very different experiences, knowledge, and perspectives can play together. It is therefore important to have very special competencies for just that.

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Sara Bæklund Daugaard
Master of Co-creation