A foundation of knowledge

CoC Playful Minds' projects are based on a foundation of knowledge that is constantly created in parallel courses, which connects and creates synergy for local development of skills and practice areas in research labs and in research in general.

CoC Playful Minds creates and applies knowledge in several parallel and connected research laboratories:

Research-based knowledge: research journals, articles, etc.

Knowledge developed in and with practice: Toolbox
Tests and implementation, knowledge sharing and skills development

Knowledge from evaluation: process and participatory evaluation: Toolbox
Program and effect evaluations focusing on documentation of effects and learning

Our releases give you a really good foundation for understanding collaboration, and at the same time, some concrete tools for doing it in practice. Explore our Knowledge below

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Contact Karin for questions related to research, knowledge, releases etc.

Karin Møller Villumsen
VP, Director of Research Lab