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A dream for Billund

CoC Playful Minds has a dream that Billund will be a national and international epicentre in the ecosystem of play, learning and co-creation with children.

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Denmark is known for great and innovative products and services that support children's play and learning.
In particular, we in Billund and the surrounding area have accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge
about children's play and learning through the LEGO Group. This has contributed to many smaller companies
and entrepreneurs in the wake of finding their own places in the ecosystem.

CoC Playful Minds wants to support and further develop the ecosystem for play and learning.
One of our solutions it to offer entrepreneurs a workplace in an innovative and inspiring environment,
where they can get close to knowledge, networks and synergies, and not least where they can develop
products and services for and in co-creation with children.

In addition, we offer ourselves as a gathering point for the entire network of companies within
play and learning - and especially for those who have an interest in co-creation with children.

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If you want to know more, you are always more than welcome to contact us.
Should you happen to be in the area, feel free to swing by for a cup of coffee. See our info below:


Louise Fenger Kornum
Senior Incubator Manager, Playful Innovation

Thomas Aakjær Jensen
Senior Innovation Specialist

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