Building fence

Children's perspectives of Billund

In 2018, the development of a new shopping center in Billund was initiated.  

This meant, that visitors of Billund as well as citizens had the "pleasure" of looking at a construction fence for 2-3 years.

To make it a more uplifting experience for visitors in the center, we started a process of decorating the fence around the construction site. In collaboration with Kirkbi, a concept for building the fence was developed, which should consist of info about the upcoming construction, the opportunity to follow the construction from the sidelines and last but not least some exciting decoration.

The decoration of the fence became a project in CoC Playful Minds.

In the fall of 2018, artist Daniel Van Der Noon, came by CoC Playful Minds and held a drawing workshop with children. The workshop was a mixture of an inspiration tour in the city, as well as a drawing process where the children were to draw their perspective of Billund. These drawings became the basis for the decoration on the building fence.

Subsequently we held several workshops with children in Billund, and the result was many beautiful drawings of Billund, created by the children of the city. 

The drawings were exhibited in the spring of 2019 and can be experienced at the eastern part of the construction site.

The drawings will be exhibited until the fall of 2020, when the shopping area is expected to be ready.

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Helle Neigaard
Head of Playful Spaces

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