Kids Take Over


Reimagine the world after COVID-19 

In connection with Kids Take Over 2020, we collaborated with UNICEF on their campaign leading up to Children's Day. Children from all over the world were asked to share their view of a world after Covid-19 through a drawing. The campaign was for children and young people all over the world and ran from 9th to 20th November 2020.

In Billund, we distributed kits to participating children who were asked to share their perspectives on a world after Covid-19 in a drawing.

You can find some of the works on Instagram via the hashtags #detblivergodtigen and #voicesofyouth

Children from Billund are reimagining the world

Over 100 children in Billund Municipality drew their wishes for a world after COVID-19. The children's drawings were exhibited in CoC Living at Kløvermarken 35, on November 20 - December 20 2020.


Ramus Kolbe (UNICEF ambassador) also know as Youtube sensation, Lakserytteren, explained more about how to participate in the campaign in the video below:

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