Kids Take Over


Reimagine the world after COVID-19 

In connection with this year's Kids Take Over, we are collaborating with UNICEF on their campaign leading up to Children's Day - where you can show your bid on what the world should look like after COVID-19. The campaign is for children and young people all over the world and runs from 9th to 20th November 2020.

In Billund, we distribute kits to registered children who draw their bids for a world after COVID-19.

In Billund

When?: It happens on the 9th-20th. November 2020


1. Think about what you want for the world after the corona crisis.

2. On November 9, you will receive the Salmon Rider's drawing kit and tutorial.

3. Draw how you want to show your desire for the future.

4. By 16th November, CoC Playful Minds will collect your work.

Share your bid with a text or video explaining what inspired you to create the drawing, why it's important to you, or how you want to help create the best world for children. Send to

5. Also share the work on Instagram and use the hashtags #detblivergodtigen and #voicesofyouth between 9th and 20th November.

6. On November 20th, the big exhibition opens in the CoC Living Lab.

Children from Billund are reimagining the world

Over 100 children in Billund Municipality have been drawing up their wishes for what the world should look like after COVID-19. The children's drawings will be exhibited in CoC Living at Kløvermarken 35, on November 20 - December 20 2020.

Do you want to join too?

Ramus Kolbe (UNICEF ambassador) explains more about how you can participate in the campaign in the video below:

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