Billund Builds

Billund Builds Creative World Citizens 2020

This year's theme of Billund Builds is Creative World Citizens. Children from the municipality's public day-care facilities and schools will all examine what a creative world citizen is.

Until the spring of 2020, the theme will be explored and developed locally in all the municipality's public day-care facilities and schools through playful, experimental and collaborative learning processes. 

In the Billund Builds Lounge, children and adults from the participating public day-care facilities and schools contribute with stories, pictures and videos from their own experiences with this year's theme - Creative World Citizens.

This Year's Poster

Like previous years, the Billund Builds poster is created by children in Billund municipality.

In the spring, a drawing competition was launched across the entire municipality, where children could present their proposal of this year's Billund Builds poster. There were many great suggestions for how the theme could be illustrated. In the end, a drawing from Magnus from the 6th grade at Lynghedeskolen was chosen.

However, the remaining drawings were not drawn in vain, as we have collected them in an inspirational video which in many ways draws a really good picture of children's thoughts and pictures of ''Creative World Citizens''.

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