Billund Builds

What happens when children get the opportunity to learn by using their curiosity, investigate, cooperate and build physical solutions? And what happens to the teachers and pedagogues who simultaneously have their mindset challenged in relation to learning? That is what Billund Builds is all about.

Billund Builds invites both children and adults to work with creative, collaborative and experimental processes under a shared overall theme with the purpose of developing qualifications of the future, as well as promoting an interdisciplinary learning community that both children and adults can have an effect on.

In 2020, the theme is Billund Builds Creative World Citizens. Children from all the municipality's schools will help define what a creative world citizen is. From now on and until the spring of 2020, the theme will be explored and developed locally in all the municipality's public day-care facilities and schools.

Regardless of the theme, the central point of Billund Builds is to create a framework in which the children can co-create playful, creative and experimental learning processes. The starting point is an understanding of that children learn best when they are engaged, are challenged, work creatively with the challenges and create their own solutions. 

Billund Builds is a hands-on project where children and adults build and create together, and where both children and professionals gain practical knowledge and understanding of how they can use learning through play in everyday life.

The ambition of Billund Builds is not just to create a shared project week across year groups and institutions across the whole municipality, but also to create a platform for exchange of experiences between professionals and for documentation and evaluation of experiences and methods.

And it’s also a concrete and tangible way of working with the vision of Capital of Children as the place where children learn through play and are creative world citizens.

Billund Builds is driven by CoC Playful Minds in collaboration with Billund Municipality and the LEGO Foundation.

The History

In 2019, the theme was Billund Builds Development. The theme was created and chosen by a community of kindergarten and school children in Billund Municipality. In week 5, the theme 'development' was explored, and the support for participation in Billund Builds was the largest since 2015. More than 4000 children and adults from the municipality's schools and public day-care facilities were part of Billund Builds Development, and during the week, they worked on a wide array of themes, including personal development, local historical development, historical development, school development, the journey of food from animal to table, and the body's development.   

In 2018, the theme was Billund Builds Nature. The approach to the theme was creative, and the children were included in the processes from idea development to product development. The result was a wide spectrum of projects from animal life to the cultivation of herb gardens in windows and the recycling of materials that do not belong in nature.

In 2017, the shared theme was Billund Builds Energy. The participating children and adults' interpretation ranged wide from the body's energy and physical development, to chain reactions and kinetic energy for wind- and waterpower. 

In 2015, Billund Builds was launched as a pilot project with the theme Billund Builds Music. All participating children worked with sound, music, poetry, rhythm, and of course, building instruments.

Billund Builds Creative World Citizens 2020

This year's theme of Billund Builds is Creative World Citizens. Children from the municipality's public day-care facilities and schools will all examine what a creative world citizen is.

Billund Builds Lounge

Watch as Billund shares its experiences from the areas of school and public day-care facilities. In the Lounge, you can continuously see the collaborative projects that children and adults are working on in the formal environments.

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