Playful Skills

Children have a unique ability to see creative potential.

They are naturally curious and love to experiment. They see possibilities instead of limitations, and have the ability to explore boundaries for what is possible.

It's only natural to focus on the way children learn while they’re at school and in day care. That’s why professionals working with children in schools and day care facilities in Billund Municipality focus on learning through play – whether its in the big projects or day-to-day tasks.

This is done through a range of different initiatives and projects in which children from different grades as well as different towns and cities experiment with new forms of learning in which we also challenge traditional adult and child roles in learning.

The goal is to provide professionals with the tools they need to priorities play and creative processes, so children are well prepared for lifelong learning and problem solving. This also involves a focus on new roles in which adults are side by side with the child in the learning process, instead of simply leading the way.

At the same time, we want to make sure that access to knowledge is both easy and quick. We are all just a few clicks away from a near-infinite mass of knowledge. This is sometimes confusing, and affects how people behave as educators and leaders – both right now and in the future.

We are occupied in the matter on how informal learning environments can be integrated with day-to-day activities in schools and day cares and how the two learning environments can be mutually reinforcing. Can we learn from each other's experience and methods, and can Billund Municipality as the Capital of Children evolve into a playful learning community in which it‘s more fun to be a child or adult?


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Cecilie Tang-Brock
Head of Playful Skills

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