Play User Lab

Design the future of the play - with children!

With Play User Lab, CoC Playful Minds reaches out to companies that want to design the future of the play. The laboratory allows small and medium-sized companies to develop and test products, ideas and concepts together with specialized design consultants and children.

Play User Lab offers your company a 5-month innovation course focusing on competence and product development.

Play User Lab provides the opportunity to test theory in practice, to share knowledge and experiences, and develop ideas in a strong academic environment with knowledge professionals in design, play, learning and creativity.

If your company works with children's play, learning and creativity, Play User Lab gives you a great opportunity for developing your business, employees and specific products. Over the course of a five-month innovation course, you will meet both design and innovation specialists as well as experts with the understanding of playing as and with children - and of course you will meet a lot of children. At the same time, you can get inspiration from other companies, join networks and gain new knowledge from both researchers and opinion leaders.

"We have defined the "dantoy game" and developed a design process in which we involve children to a greater extent. In this way, the innovation course in Play User Lab has helped us take the lead in creating innovative quality toys for children's play and learning”- Anette Joy, Art Director, dantoy A / S

Info about the course of innovation

As a participant in Play User Lab, you get a five-month course focusing on developing new products based on a structured design process. In each course, 4-7 companies work together. The Play User Lab ensures that the processes are combined so that natural synergies are created in relation to knowledge sharing and with the potential of co-creation between the companies - without any direct competition in the products.

The course extends over 10 days (including 3 double days). In addition to two initial kickoff days, the course consists of theme days, development days and individual sparring sessions. In order to strengthen the networking between the companies and get more in depth with the development work, we offer free accommodation on the two double days in Billund.

Play User Lab is run by CoC Playful Minds A/S in collaboration with The Designschool in Kolding. The project is also supported with competences from the LEGO Foundation, the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Aarhus.

The laboratory is a business promotion project under the Danish design cluster Design to innovate - D2i - and it is funded by the EU Regional Fund and the Southern Danish Growth Forum. Download Play User Lab's recruitment folder HERE



Who can participate?

The company must have growth potential and also willingness to devote time to development - both among management and employees. The company is expected  to participate with a minimum of two employees on each course day. Prior to joining the course, an interview is agreed with a view to clarifying expectations and needs. The company must also meet the EU's requirements for business support (the De Minimis Declaration).

Where and when?

The course extends over five months. The activities take place primarily in the Capital of Children, Billund, with the exception of three days at the design school in Kolding. Free hotel accommodation is offered on the two double days in Billund (for a maximum of three persons per company).


The course of innovation has an estimated value of DKK 260,000 but is funded by the EU Regional Fund and the South Danish Growth Forum, and is therefore free of charge for the participating companies, in turn, registration is compulsory. Both for the sake of financing and because a large part of the value of a course is the interaction between the companies.


If you are interested in participating in the Play User Lab, sign up on this link - 
You are also more than welcome to contact Thomas Aakjær Jensen and hear more about the opportunities to participate in Play User Lab.

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Head of Playful Innovation

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