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Play and the basic idea that we all learn best by enhancing creativity -also leaves its mark on the development of an attractive knowledge and business environment for companies that creates products and services for children of all ages.

Billund has built a unique position of strength around play, learning and creativity through the LEGO Group's long-standing presence.

CoC Playful Minds' builds on this strength with the development of a business and knowledge environment that can support synergies between companies, knowledge institutions and organizations. We believe that children and young people who learn through play become world citizens.

We believe that play provides them with the necessary skills that enable them to engage in and contribute to an increasingly complex and global world. That is why we have an ambition to create the most optimal conditions for developing children's learning through play - not only in the schools and urban spaces, but also in business and research.

Our goal is to establish partnerships and networks where Danish and international entrepreneurs, researchers, professionals, students and policy makers meet and strengthen a common agenda - and work side by side to develop and promote knowledge, products and services in learning through play - so theory becomes practice and ideas come to live.

We offer a framework where our various partners can offer ideas, skills, knowledge and capital, thereby contributing to increased innovation, entrepreneurship and growth.

Our goal is to:

  • Become an international center of excellence for play, learning and creativity

  • Promote the development of innovative products and services for children's learning through play

  • Promote research into the importance of play for children's learning


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Thomas Aakjær Jensen
Senior Innovation Specialist

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