Our Programmes

CoC Playful Minds works with three programmes based on co-creation: Playful Skills, Playful Spaces and Playful Innovation

The keyword in all three programs is co-creation. Creating products for children with children. To create new learning processes together with children. To create
a city for children together with children.

Through our three programs, we develop and work with a number of different projects. 

Read more about the individual programs and projects below:

Playful Skills

Playful Skills is about play, creativity and learning... and that which follows. We invite Billund’s children and adults to develop new learning forms within - but also outside - the formal education environment.

Playful Innovation

Playful Innovation is especially aimed at companies that take children seriously. Playful Innovation is actual co-creation with children in the development of new products and services... and together with our friends and neighbors, we already know a great deal about the subject.

Playful Spaces

Playful Spaces is a humanistic and democratic development of urban space. A re-thinking of Billund to be a physical town co-created by children. Together with children we create a town that inspires everyone to play and discover... both themselves as well as the rest of the world.

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