Co-creation with children

Co-creation plays a central role

In CoC Playful Minds, we believe that co-creation is the foundation for children to become creative world citizens. Co-creation with children is a new way of understanding involvement of children.

Children are not just involved in the processes and affairs that concern them. Children are active in creating conditions, opportunities, activities and new solutions, as well as taking initiatives that brings meaning to the interaction with other children and adults. 

Co-creation with children is central to CoC Playful Minds' work and the way CoC Playful Minds lives the vision of the Capital of Children. Children and young people help create our common world. Therefore, co-creation is an expression of both a human view and a set of societal values, an approach as well as some very concrete methods for creating the world with children.

Specifically, children and adults can collaborate with adults about everyday life in daycares or schools, about the urban space in their city, or about new products. In CoC Playful Minds, collaboration is strategically emphasized, as human view, as ethics, as an approach and as a method in our programmes and projects.