World Citizen Passport

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As a child in Billund, you are especially lucky. You can acquire world citizenship skills in your own backyard. Not many children can do that!

In CoC Playful Minds, we offer Billund's children a World Citizen Passport. It's free for kids and allows you to try a lot of fun things.

You can participate in

  • Urban development projects, eg by telling politicians what you think needs to be done about, or by building a new element for the city
  • Reporting to other children and being a journalist
  • Courses and clubs
  • Planting a forest
  • Standing on the UNICEF stage for Children's Day
  • And much more

The passport opens up a world of opportunities for you to become a world citizen.

What is a World Citizen Passport?

A World Citizen Pass gives you access to all relevant programs, workshops, projects and much more in CoC Playful Minds. So you are invited every time CoC Playful Minds has a project, and then you can sign up yourself if you want to do art, urban space, journalism or maybe politics.

There are only three criteria for obtaining a World Citizen Passport

  • You are a child between 6-17 years
  • You live in Billund Municipality
  • You want to be an active citizen

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