Co-Creation Awards 2019


CoC Playful Minds paid tribute to the projects that involve and co-creates with children and young people in Billund Municipality.

The Co-creation Awards have been handed out for the second year in a row. The awards is a tribute to young people, companies and educators in Billund Municipality, which supports the vision of the Capital of Children with co-created approaches and initiatives.

Again this year, there has been a sharp field of nominations, divided into the three categories: Young co-creator of the Year, Educational co-creator of the Year, and Business co-creator of the Year.

Young co-creator of 2019

The award went to the three skater guys, Max Veise, Basile Knapp, and Adrien Albouy. Based on their common interest in skateboards and scooters, they have made it their hobby to create a skating environment for children, young people, and adults in Billund.

What is your project about?

- Billund doesn't have a skate park, so we wanted to do that. We know that it takes quite a lot of money, so we've been responsible for, among other things, a skateboarding event, selling t-shirts and cake to raise money. Right now, everything is still very new, but we want to create a place where others like us who are interested in street sports can meet, have fun, and learn from each other.

How did the idea occur?

- We think it's fun to scoot and we have spent a lot of time driving around together. After skating at LEGO House and around various skating rinks, we agreed that it could be great if we also had a skate park in Billund. So we visited the CoC Playful Minds to ask what was going on and what we could do to create a skate park.

 Why is it fun?

- We are doing something that is in our interest, so that we can share our interests with others. It's our first project, but it's been fun to help make decisions and create/arrange different events by ourselves. 

Educational co-creator of 2019

The award went to the handball coach Rikke Aarhus Wildenschild, who through her passion for sports has developed an alternative talent program for children and young people who wants to improve their sports activities.

What is the project about?

- The project involves the participants to a great extent. Instead of going in with the attitude that the coach knows everything, the children and young people get involved in planning the training. That way, coaches and players create something together.

How did the idea come about?

- The idea came about because I wanted to rethink the way talent develops. Normally, children and young people are specially selected for talent projects, but with Talent Billund, we have created a talent project for children and young people who would like to train more and also help create the framework for their own talent development.

Why is it cool to work with co-creation?

- I feel a much greater motivation and joy in the children because they have co-responsibility for their development. By developing talents in this way, it becomes eye-level, and a foundation is formed to create good relationships early in the process. It's great to see that the players are not just handball players or football players, but each of them, is a part of Talent Billund. They take on some kind of ambassador role, and that's cool.

Business co-creator of 2019

The award went to Lucy Read, Rachel Gardiner Faulkner, and Amanda John, who though their company Culture Shift create and host creative workshops such as the Billund Fun Palace event, which was held with great succes, for the first time this year. 

What is your project about?

- Billund Fun Palace is the first of its kind in Denmark and is a part of a larger international campaign focusing on the local communities working together with children, young people and adults to create and define the area's unique culture. The Billund Fun Palace was held on October 5, 2019 and was open to anyone in Billund Municipality who wanted to experience the city's diverse culture.

How did the idea occur?

- Culture exists in all of us, and 20 percent of the citizens of Billund Municipality come from other cultures than the Danish one. In total, 43 different nationalities are represented in the municipality, which is why we set out to create the framework for an event focusing on sharing and showing diversity, and how it contributes to the life in Billund and the surrounding areas.

Why is it cool to work with co-creation?

- Collaboration is great because it contributes to insight and can help expand horizons. It is a great celebration of different ideas and offers the opportunity to learn. For example, we ran the Belong project, which focused on giving refugees, international, and national children in Billund Municipality a relationship, by creating works of art in collaboration. The project was held over seven times in four different cities.


Educational co-creator of the year
Who can be nominated?
Educational professionals employed in day cares, schools as well as volunteers in Billund Municipality.

Business co-creators of the year
Who can be nominated?
All business owners, employees and entrepreneurs in Billund Municipality.

Young co-creators of the Year
Who can be nominated?
All young people aged 13-20 in Billund Municipality.

Who can nominate?
Students (current and former), parents, grandparents, colleagues, leaders, citizens of Billund Municipality - everyone who knows a great co-creator. 

Can you nominate more than one candidate for the Co-Creation Awards?
Only one nomination per candidate. You can nominate a total of 3 subjects. 

How to nominate a candidate?
You can nominate a candidate via a form at 

Can one remain anonymous and still nominate?
Yes, you can create an anonymous nomination. 

Co-creation Awards is given our annually. The next prizes will be awarded in the summer of 2020. The nominations will open in the spring of 2020.

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