Thursday the 17. June 2021 at 17.00-18.00

Klogere Sammen: LYDEN AF BARNDOM

Concert and joint singing with Billund Girl's Choir and Grene Sogns Menighedsråd

The children's capital is getting a huge 10-year birthday present: the internationally recognized artist group SUPERFLEX is invited to create a total work for Billund, which will bring together all generations around one of childhood's best qualities: play.

While we wait for SUPERFLEX's total work, we will celebrate the spirit of childhood and play with LYDEN AF BARNDOM (the sound of childhood). The sculpture of the childhood icon The Little Prince on the lawn behind the church forms the stage when Billund Girl's Choir gives a concert with songs about freedom, play and good old children's songs, and we will also sing together.


The event is for all ages, so come and sing along to the sound of childhood!


The event has been developed in collaboration with Grene Parish's Parish Council. Please be aware that presentations and the songs are in Danish


NOTE: The event initially has only 50 seats, as it allows you to move indoors in Billund Church if the weather is bad, according to the corona restrictions. No toilets will be set up, so make sure you have a valid Coronapass so you can borrow toilets from the Billund Center.

  • Time: Thursday the 17. June 2021 at 17.00-18.00
  • Place: At The lawn behind Billund Church (by the Little Prince sculpture)
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